At Columbia Heights Assembly we believe that effective discipleship happens best in both rows and circles. Our spiritual formation is greatly enhanced when we get involved in each others lives; God created us for relationships and we want to provide you with a space where relationships can grow. Our connect Groups, what we call small groups within our church, is the easiest way to better connect with others. Our groups meet together in various settings where participants can make friends and grow spiritually.

Find your circle.


Every Other Wed. Night @ 6:30PM  // Mickel's Home
Men! If you're looking for a group of guys to hang out with and walk through the ups and downs of life with... Join the Yurt-Nights group! We'll meet up twice a month in a yurt and play various games, dive into a devotional thought and lift up one another in prayer. 

Break-through Prayer

Saturday Mornings @ 8AM // Gaub's Home
This will be a women’s group focusing on deepening our prayer life. This will be a wonderful time where we will connect with each other over coffee and spend some time in prayer together. I’m so excited to connect and seek God with you all!!!

Monday Prayer

Monday Mornings from 8-9AM // CHAG Auditorium
This is an opportunity for the staff and body to gather and pray together. We meet in the auditorium and lift up specific needs in our church family, pray for God to move in our homes, in our church, and in our community. It is one hour long and has a mixture of worship and prayer. Kids are welcome in the room! What a great way to model what it looks like to draw close to Jesus!

Birds & Bees

Every other Friday  @ 5PM // Sturgeon's Home
As parents, if WE don't talk to our kids about sex, then who (or what?) will teach them? Did you know kids are as likely to see porn by accident as they are to actively search for it? This is shocking, no doubt, but it's not all doom-and-gloom! We live in a time where there is less of a deafening silence around this issue. Let’s speak up + speak into your kids' lives. Now is the time.
Childcare Provided!

Old Testament History

Sunday Evenings @ 6PM // Williams' Home
Join us, as we dive into the life principles found in the book of Joshua placing an emphasis on historical content and spiritual application. This course will allow the key characters of the nation of Israel to come to life. You will gain insight in interpreting Bible stories, understanding God's purposes and making current day application of God's unchanging principles into their daily lives.

Meal Train Team

Various Times & Locations
If you enjoy making meals and taking them to families in need this group is for you!! We're gathering a list of people who are available to take families in the church meals as the needs arise. We might have one or two a month, then go several months with no meals needed. This group will not hold regular meetings. You will receive a text message as needs arise. We want to be able to bless those in the church in their time of need

Bible Study (Vote for the topic!)

Sunday Evenings @ 6PM // CHAG Campus
Let's dive into a topic of YOUR choosing! We're looking at one of these topics:
  1. The Life of Christ
  2. New Testament Survey
  3. Bible Doctrine
  4. How to Study the Bible
Click HERE to cast your vote!

This Changes Everything - Study

Sunday Evenings @ 6PM  // CHAG Campus
"The goal is to have an encounter with Jesus Christ that is so powerful, and so transformational, that we go from being a scoffer to a servant of God.” James, the brother of Jesus had one of these moments… he must have, after all, he went from believing that his brother Jesus had lost his mind, to believing that He was the one true Lord and even dying for Him. In the series, This Changes Everything, Pastor Louie Giglio travels through the book of James and challenges us to open up our lives and let Jesus into the mix of all of it, to believe for an encounter with Him that will change everything.

Bait of Satan - Book Study

Every other Friday @ 6PM // Perry's Home
We want to focus on building our relationship with God and one another, growing closer together and closer to God. This study focuses on thriving and having a blessed life, living in the way God wants us to live and not falling into Satan's trap, true biblical living to transform our lives and those around us. 

Mom's Group

Wednesday Mornings @ 9:30AM // Sturgeon's Home
If you're a mom who needs a tribe to come around you and do life together with you, our group is for you!  All children are welcome so there is never a dull moment Tuesday Mornings!
All children are welcome!

Ladies Bible Study

Thursday Mornings @ 9:00 AM // CHAG Campus
Come along with biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she unpacks the life of the early church in the book of Acts and shows us that the kingdom of God is always on the move, always looking outward to bring meaning and joy to a world searching for true fulfillment and hope. Explore the call of Jesus to His disciples then and to us today. See how God's Word can sustain us even in the most difficult of times and embrace the transformative grace we experience as children of God in His kingdom of celebration.

Food Pantry Team

1 Saturday/Mo. @ 1PM // CHAG & Various Locations
If you love reaching lost families, this group is for you! This group helps organize our food pantry as well as our food drives. You will bag groceries at the church and then go out to a couple intentional areas in Longview to pass out food and tell families about Jesus. 

For Men, By Men

Wednesday's @ 6PM // Gaub's Home
This is an engaging, practical devotional written by men for men. Each day’s reading from the NIV Men's Devotional Bible includes an application question for reflection to put God’s Word into practice in your everyday life.

Men's Fitness Group

Mon/Wed/Fri  from 6-7AM // Forever Fit
Come and join a group of men three mornings a week at Forever Fit! Get healthy while building friendships!  Get a membership, join the group, and get fit with accountability!

Unoffendable - Video Study

1st & 3rd Sundays @ 5:30PM // Spenker's Home
Unoffendable gives you a concrete, practical way to live life with less stress. In our easily offended, cancel-culture society, learn how to replace perpetual frustration and anger with refreshing humility and gratitude. 

Event Support

Various Times & Locations
This group consists of a variety of times and duties surrounding the office of our Senior Pastor. Organizing, setting up for events, tearing down after events, and shopping are just a few of the areas for this vital area of service may entail.

The Chosen - Season 2

Sunday Evenings @ 5PM // The Doehne's Home
The Chosen is a fresh look at the Gospels for those who have been reading the stories for years or for those who are just curious about who Jesus is and was.
Season 2 follows Jesus and the disciples as he starts to minister to more people and larger crowds. We meet more disciples. but we also see more officials start to take notice of Jesus and his followers,

Time-Out for Homeschool Moms!

1st & 3rd Thurs. from 9:30-11:30 AM // Heston's Home
Are you a homeschooling mom? Are you looking for a group of like-minded moms to connect with? Time-Out: Homeschool Edition is for you! The first Thursday will be for group activities centered around our kids. The third Thursday will be for moms only with a goal of deeper connection, short Bible study and prayer for one another. Childcare will be provided.
Our vision is that this group would be a place to of encouragement, support, prayer for one another with a touch of crazy family fun. Open to homeschool mamas with kids ages preschool and up. 

Bible Study - Thorstenson's

2 Sun/Month @ 5:30 PM // Thorstenson's Home
Join us for a study through one of the books of the bible. 

Community House Team

1 Saturday/Mo. @ 1PM // CHAG & Various Locations
The Community House advocates for children and families who need a safe place to recover from domestic violence, disasters, and emergencies. Once a month this group will go down to our local community house to cook and serve them dinner. The amazing thing about this group is that it gives us a chance to personally build a bridge for others to encounter the love of Jesus through cooking and serving dinner.