Vintage gold


'Top of the Age Line'

Celebrating friends age 60 to 101

Long roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


Includes an age and traceable history; represent's the high quality of a past time; being the best of it's kind; something older than 50 years old.
The origin of "vintage":
- was in the 1400's, Middle English/ Anglo French
- Pertains to aged cars (built in 1919 to 1930 - circa), clothes, and gathering grapes for wine making.


Beautiful and highly valued precious metal.
- Timeless
- Middle English/Old English
- Different locations produce different colors of gold.

We are...

... about fine dining, red roses, and FUN!

"Laughter is good for the soul."

Your journey, on the highway called life, is a story different and unique from anyone else. Mountains and valleys, deserts and prairies, detours, construction or back roads. His mercy and grace have brought you this far and because He has been faithful every step along the way - here we are 'together'. 

Our Events

Quarterly Fellowship Dinners

Celebrating Various Decades
Four times a year we gather together to celebrate the various decades we all were born in and lived through. Each event is like a highway, 'Route 66' would be filled with stories, trivia and items from the 1960's; we also honor everyone who is celebrating a birthday from 60-69 that year.  Then Route 70 would be done in a similar fashion. We do this all the way up to Route 101 -- celebrating those who have graduated to life's greatest adventure, Heaven.
What To Expect
Fun! We love to laugh and enjoy each others company at our Vintage Gold events. Sometimes we have live music, other times we have trivia games.
You won't experience the same thing each event, but you will enjoy great food and have a good laugh with friends; new and old!