You're welcome here.

What to expect at Columbia Heights?

At Columbia Heights Assembly, you'll be welcomed into a friendly, relaxed atmosphere by people who are truly excited to see you. We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Columbia Heights. All you have to do from here is come as you and find out more for yourself (or reach out if you have any questions)!
At a Sunday morning gathering, you can expect:
  • Each gathering is about 75 minutes.
  • Thought-provoking and engaging messages based on the Bible.
  • Live, passionate worship music.
  • Fun teaching for your kids (11 a.m. Service).

Here are some helpful hints for your first visit:
  • Browse through our website and check things out. This will help you be comfortable about your first visit. 
  • We recommend arriving  30 minutes before the service begins. This allows you time to park your car, check-in your kids, grab a coffee and find a seat. 
  • Don't worry about a dress code, we're laid back with our attire. 
  • If you need directions to the church, click HERE

Kid Heights

You can rest assured that your kids are in a safe place.  Every volunteer and leader in our children’s environments has gone through an extensive background check and have been trained for emergencies.

Bringing kids with you? Here are some tips:
- We use a computer check-in system, we can assist you with check-in at the Kid's Check-In Area.
- Once they are checked in, you will receive a print out tag for each child checked in, and one security tag for the parent/guardian with matching numbers. 
- Be sure to place the tag on your child(ren) before they get to their class, this will let us know they are properly checked in. 
- Please keep your phone on you because you may receive a text from Kid Heights. If you do, it means your kids' teacher needs you, so please exit the main auditorium doors in the back and head to their class.

Toddler - 5 year old's

Toddlers through 5 year old's will learn three basic truths:
  1. God loves them
  2. God made them
  3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever. 
They will learn these through fun crafts, Bible-based teaching, and interaction with friends and caring teachers.


Elementary age kids will learn three basic truths, too:
  1. They can make the wise choices, that honor Jesus
  2. They can treat others the way Jesus treats them
  3. They can trust Jesus no matter what. 
They learn this through interactive and engaging teaching, high-energy worship and games, and small group interaction with friends and caring leaders.