"Leading kids to new heights with Jesus!"

Our Win

We win when we intentionally sow seeds of God's Word into the hearts of children through fun-filled crafts/activities, worship, kid-specific Bible lessons, and small groups.

Our Team

We have such an incredible Kid Heights team. We'd love to introduce you to the Kid Heights Leadership Team who faithfully lead our various ministry environments.

Our Strategy

There are FIVE different environments for kids in our ministry. Each one is designed to strategically invite kids and families on a journey into deeper relationships with their peers, our adult volunteers, and Jesus.



The safety of your child is a priority for our ministry, we take it seriously. We've laid out the ways in which we build our volunteer team with your child's safety in mind.


We have strict drop-off and pick-up policies. We've detailed everything you need to know about this policy and what you can expect as you entrust your child in our ministry environments.

Allergy Friendly

Due to the risk of allergies, we do not allow outside foods in the classrooms, and we are a peanut free facility.