"A vital ingredient of worship is expectancy; believing that something good is going to happen."

- R.T. Kendall


We have a vibrant team of technicians of all skill levels that use audio, video, photography, lighting, streaming and more to facilitate a space for our church to gather and worship. If you'd like to learn a new skill, we'd love to train you up!


A usual Sunday morning involves a team consisting of drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, and saxophone! If you play an instrument, we'd love to get you involved! Reach out and we can schedule a (non-intimidating) audition. 😊


We don't have a choir, but we have a small army of vocalists who love to use their voices to glorify God. If you have a passion for worship and can sing harmonies... would you like to sing with us? 

Join the team!

Most of our team members serve once a month. For band/vocalists that involves rehearsals on Thursdays (6:30-8pm). Then everyone comes together on Sundays at 8am for a full run-through. 

Our Leadership Team

Luke & Jess Knoll

Worship Pastors
Luke & Jess serve as our Worship Pastors. Both of them have a passion for worship, songwriting, and equipping others to step into the same.

Wes McCutcheon

Tech Director
Wes began overseeing our tech ministry in 2020. He helped pioneer our online ministry. He is always recruiting and developing those around him. 

Luxis Lee

Sound Director
Luxis took on the leadership of the sound ministry in 2023. He has a strong attention to detail and leads our audio team with thoughtfulness and care.

Jill McCann

Team Leader
Jill serves alongside her husband Josh as our Lead Pastors. She led our worship ministry for many years, and continues to lead one of our bands every month.

Charlie & Maddie Fikes

Team Leaders
Charlie has faithfully served as a worship leader at Columbia Heights for well over a decade. He his daughter Maddie oversee one of our bands together each month.

Jennifer Bejeck

Jennifer joined our leadership team in 2022. She is such a team player and helps with various tasks behind the scenes and also rotates through acoustic, bass, and vocals on various bands and leading worship at The Yard.

Kailea Guinto

Kailea is a passionate young worship leader on our team and also oversees our youth worship ministry in The Yard.

Cierra Kinney

Cierra is a worship leader and event coordinator on our team. She has such a gift in creating beautiful events that foster connection amongst our team. 

Looking for the Team Resource Page?

Contact Pastor Luke for the password.